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What is 0patch?

0patch is a microscopic solution for a huge security problem.

0patch delivers miniature patches of code (“micropatches”) to computers and other devices worldwide in order to fix software vulnerabilities in various, even closed source products. With 0patch, there are no reboots or downtime when patching and no fear that a huge official update will break production.

Corporate users and administrators appreciate the lightness and simplicity of 0patch, as it is shortening the patch deployment time from months to just hours. Reviewing tiny micropatches is inexpensive, and the ability to instantly apply and remove them locally or remotely significantly simplifies production testing.

0patch makes software patching virtually imperceptible.


Microscopic cures for big security holes.

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Patching what’s really important

It would be almost impossible - not to mention superfluous - to eliminate all errors in applications, so we are carefully selecting our micropatching targets to:

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Tiny. Simple. Quick. Micropatch.

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How does it work?

We are reinventing software patching.

0patch Agent, our mighty little patching machine, watches over all processes running on the computer. When any one of them is found to have a patch available, that patch is immediately applied to the process in memory without disturbing that process.

0patch Agent periodically asks our server whether it has any new patches to deliver, and downloads these patches so they’re ready to get applied to vulnerable processes. These patches are immediately available even if you install a vulnerable product on a computer that is not connected to the Internet at the time.

0patch does not replace executable files or modify them in any way. It corrects them only in memory, which can be done without relaunching them.

Fixing what's really important.

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0patch for Enterprises

Enterprise users can centrally monitor and manage their 0patch Agents in 0patch Central, our cloud-based management application. Computers can be organized in an arbitrary number of groups and subgroups, each specifying individual patching policy and utilizing inheritance to simplify management. A typical enterprise approach with “test” and “production” groups can be set up, where newly issued micropatches are immediately applied on testing computers but have to be manually approved in production after successful testing.

Enterprise users can mass-deploy 0patch Agents across their networks without having to restart endpoints. Agent installation package, deployed via Group Policy or any network management tool, supports configuring proxy communication and automatic registration into a chosen group.

Monthly subscriptions are available, enabling enterprise customers to up-scale or down-scale their license count frequently according to their needs.

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0patch Central

No more patching headaches.

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Customer testimonials

BMT Aerospace

"We're using 0patch to protect our corporate Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 computers and can only say we wish we could patch everything this way."

Gabriel Atudorei Munteanu, ICT Manager


“0patch protects our POS devices across 300 stores worldwide, and it has proven to be an excellent alternative to an expensive and difficult upgrade program.”

Denise McConnell, IT Manager

Security patching as it was always meant to be.

Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 R2 security-adopted by 0patch

Micropatches for Server 2008 R2,
Windows  7 and Windows  10

Worried about security patches for your Windows 7, Windows 10 (v1803, v1809) and Windows Server 2008 R2 computers after their support has ended? Don't be. 0patch provides security micropatches for high-risk vulnerabilities in these popular and ubiquitous Windows platforms, all included in the price of a PRO license that already gives you many micropatches for other high-risk vulnerabilities in various widely used products.

No matter if home or business user, small shop, enterprise or government - we have you covered. As an added bonus, you don't have to restart your computers (or even lift a finger really) to get patches applied, they take just a few bytes of your space and get downloaded in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions | Current Status of end-of-support Windows micropatches

Welcome to the era of vulnerability micropatching.

0patch partners

0patch for Partners

Resellers, MSPs and SOCs

Would like to offer 0patch to your customers? No problem, just contact us to get onboarded.

As a reseller, you will purchase licenses for your customer in your reseller account and assign them to your customers’ accounts, while managed service providers and security operations centers can organize customers’ computers in individual groups and manage them in 0patch Central.

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