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[ pronounced 'zero patch' ]

Welcome to the era of vulnerability micropatching.

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About 0patch in less than three minutes

Microscopic cures for big security holes

0patch is a microscopic solution for a huge security problem. It sends tiny patches of code (usually less than 30 bytes) to computers and devices worldwide in order to fix software vulnerabilities in various products. It addresses key security problems: quickly fixing "0days" and unpatched vulnerabilities, end-of-life and unsupported products (including vulnerable old Java versions), providing patches for legacy OSes, vulnerable 3rd party components and customized software.

With 0patch, there are no reboots or downtime when patching and no fear that a huge official update will break production. Software vendors can benefit from significantly cheaper patch production and distribution, while patch deployment and removal for corporate and home users becomes virtually imperceptible.

0patch zero principle
These are our guideposts. We know it's impossible to actually reach any of the above, but every move we make is aimed towards these goals.

Imperceptible vulnerability patching


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Corporate users and administrators appreciate the lightness and simplicity of 0patch, as it is shortening the patch deployment time from months to just hours, with no computer downtime or reboots. Reviewing tiny 0patches is cheap, and the ability to instantly apply and remove them locally or remotely significantly simplifies production testing. In contrast to current signature- or behavior-based endpoint security technologies, 0patch is impossible to bypass. 0patch aims to be a single, uniform patch deployment platform for all OSes, applications and devices, from desktops and servers to Internet of Things.

Reinventing software patching


When a small simple fix is needed for a critical vulnerability in their product, software vendors are currently disturbed by the same expensive and effort-intensive testing and distribution process as when they issue an entirely new version. 0patch reinvents the entire process of patching - from creation and testing to distribution, deployment and removal of patches. Its disruptive technology is changing the way software errors get corrected both by original vendors and by 3rd-party (even crowdsourced) contributors. 0patch introduces the possibility for software vendors to add immediate "self-healing" functionality without changing their code and even outsource the task of creating 0patches without compromising product quality.

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Crowdpatching the future


0patch aims to completely change the game by channeling the knowledge of security researchers, who could so far only write or speak about discovered vulnerabilities and develop exploits for them, into directly solving the problem: creating patches for vulnerabilities, and getting paid for that by the very consumers of these patches. Now anyone can use 0patch Agent for Developers to write their own micropatches both for known vulnerabilities as well as for 0days they have just discovered. As a community, we're accumulating knowledge about 3rd-party patching and sharing it with our existing and future members. We're building an important component of Internet's global immune system of tomorrow, where personal computers, servers, tablets, phones and billions of IoT devices will be in constant dire need of rapidly deployable security fixes.

Join us! Download 0patch Agent for Developers, read the Patch Developer Manual and start your journey towards becoming a real software surgeon.

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